Vermiliquid /’Worm Tea’/ ‘Worm Wee’

Vermileachate (Vermiliquid, ‘Worm Tea’)

A rich liquid is produced by earthworms when converting organic matter into vermicompost. When natural organic wastes are processed through the earthworms’ digestive system, what is produced is a full range of pure, immediately available nutrients, together with a multitude of beneficial microbes.


When used correctly it acts as a catalyst to help release locked in nutrients and provides stimulants for vegetable and flowering plants. The results are incredible, and the time it takes for a vegetable seedling to be ready to harvest is substantially reduced substantially. What is even more obvious is that the vegetables are noticeably healthier, bigger and nutritious, and TASTE amazing. This liquid should be used IN CONJUNCTION with the worm castings to get great results.  If you just use the liquid on its own it acts as a short term growth promoter in plants (kind of like a liquid Viagra for plants!) but does not return the soil into balance without the vermicompost (worm castings).  (By using the Bokashi bran and running trials in my Mother’s beautiful garden, l have found that it works very well in revitalizing soil that plants won’t grow/prosper in, so if you use all three products, you can’t go wrong).


A great deal of research has been done on the benefits of using worm related products, and what has come to light is that using these products inhibit some diseases and promote nitrogen fixation in the soil. It is most effective when used when no till is employed and when composting and mulching practices are observed.

Other benefits of using composted worm tea use include:

  • reduced insect infestations
  • reduced water requirements for vegetation
  • it is non toxic around pets and children
  • it will not burn plants if overused

In addition to pest controls, compost tea also attacks and prevents fungus growth. The tea appears to be faster acting when compared to chemical based pesticides. Even better, compost tea is similar to charcoal. It has no odor and activates to eliminate unpleasant aromas when mixed with animal manure.

Instructions on the use of Vermiliquid (tea)

It is organic and can be used without dilution and will not harm your plants, just make them grow expeditiously.

I have run trials and found that if you have a large garden or many potted plants it is best to dilute the ‘tea’ 10ml’s to 1 litre of water and apply every 2 weeks.

Should you have roses, orchids or any exotic plants it is best to keep the dilution 5ml’s to 1 litre of water.  Should you have aphids, fungus’s etc, mist the heads of the roses with neat ‘tea’ as it is a natural insecticide, herbicide and pesticide.  The same would apply to orchids.  Having run trials with the liquid please note that the plants absorb the liquid much quicker than man made products which enhance the colours of the plants flowers i.e. roses, violas, pansies, geraniums.  Please note that you must pour the liquid around the base of the plant as it is not a leaf feeder.

Please note that in  winter earthworms go dormant, so there wont be a lot of vermiliquid/tea available until spring or when the temperatures return to ‘normal’.

I hope this will assist you in loving your garden.




Please note that all of these pictures are taken from my Mother’s garden where both ‘Worm Tea’ and Vermicast, ‘Worm Poo’ are used together.


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