I’ve got a really simple DIY organic weed spray recipe for you so you won’t have to buy anything toxic (like round up) again. Not to mention, it’s also way cheaper than anything commercial…

The ingredients are…

1 Gallon Vinegar (3.80 Litres) (Which is available from Dovehouse Organics)


Apple-Cider-Vinegar-Large-jpg (1)









2 Cups Epsom Salts

epsom_salts 1







1/4 Cup Liquid Soap


dish_washing_liquid - available from Dovehouse Organics









Simply mix the spray in the morning and spray weeds after any morning dew has evaporated. Then just walk away. After dinner the weeds will be gone. Easy, natural, organic. It will kill any weed that you spray it on so be careful not to spray plants you
want to keep.

And if you’ve got any really stubborn weeds, you can always use a stake or gardeners fork, poke a whole down the middle of the weed a few inches to expose the roots, and put some of your spray right down into the root system.

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