What is Bokashi?

In 1982, a Japanese microbiologist and organic farmer, Dr Teruo Higa, developed a unique blend of natural microbes which are now known as ‘Effective/Efficient Microbes’ (EM) or ‘bokashi’. Amongst other uses, EM is now used to inoculate a grain and sawdust mix to create ‘Bokashi mix’.  We call this Bokashi bran and and it is used to ferment food waste quickly into a valuable soil conditioner.

Bokashi fermentation composting is an alternative – or addition – to  Vermiculture (wormfarming) and traditional composting. All three methods will deal with your kitchen waste to create great fertiliser and avoid the methane emissions and leaching problems that your scraps will produce at the rubbish tip.  Bokashi won’t attract pests, so can be kept in the kitchen or outside the kitchen if it is a covered area.  When the bucket/drum is full, the contents are dug into the garden where they will break down into highly fertile soil within a few weeks. (2-3 weeks in summer, 5-6 weeks in winter).

When applying the liquid (diluted) that emanates from the biodegrading material (tapped off via a spigot), you support the plants you are applying it to with with essential energy as well as an increased resistance to harmful bacteria and fungi.  The neutral micro-organisms existing in a pathogenic soil will now follow the effective mico-organisms and the soil becomes a disease suppressing soil medium.

At Bokashi4Africa, we supply Bokashi Bran that has been approved by the FDA in the USA.

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